Sainsbury’s refuses to sell the Real Easter Egg – what’s their problem with Jesus?

Mar 20, 2017 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

The Real Easter Egg, which explains the real meaning of Easter (yes, it mentions Jesus), is on sale in Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and dozens of independent retail outlets. But Sainsbury’s refuses to stock it, for some reason. Bishop Anthony Priddis was welcomed at Tesco, Bishop Andrew Watson at Morrisons, and Bishop Nigel McColloch at Waitrose. These stores have no problem with selling an Easter Egg which tells the Easter story (yes, it mentions Jesus). But when a bishop went to Sainsbury’s HQ in London, the doors remained firmly shut.

“After six years of trying to get products which cater for the Christian community into Sainsbury’s, we wonder if they have a problem with faith,” said David Marshall, Director of The Meaningful Chocolate Company Ltd.

And wonder he might.

Because it’s not just Easter when Sainsbury’s seem to have a problem with Jesus: on the run-up to Christmas they stock Advent calendars for dogs (yes, for dogs), but every year they reject The Real Advent Calendar, a Fairtrade charity calendar which includes a copy of the Christmas story in the box (yes, it mentions Jesus). So at Christmas, Sainsbury’s provide dog owners with canine calendars of meaty treats, but they won’t provide Christians with a Christian calendar for their kids which tells the story of Christmas – presumably because it mentions Jesus.

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