Saintly Ann Widdecombe blasts Meghan’s Church of England conversion

Feb 12, 2018 by

by Andrew Pierce, Mailonline:

During her sojourn in the Celebrity Big Brother house last month, the redoubtable Ann Widdecombe controversially branded Prince Harry‘s future wife, Meghan Markle, ‘trouble’.

When asked why by fellow contestants in the Channel 5 reality TV show, she said: ‘Her background, attitude. . . I worry.’

Now, Widders — a surprise runner-up in the show — has gone further and is questioning the wisdom of fast-tracking Miss Markle into the Church of England.

Meghan, a divorcee, is to be baptised and confirmed before her wedding in May. Widders, who quit the Church of England in 1992 and converted to Roman Catholicism because the ordination of women ‘was the last straw’ asks: ‘Hang on a second, Archbishop of Canterbury: was Miss Markle already planning to avail herself of these sacraments because she had been converted to such beliefs, or is this just a matter of form now she is marrying a royal? Surely that is a question which matters.’

Writing in The Catholic Herald, she continues: ‘Had the Church taken into account the previous marriage and divorce? But that pales into insignificance beside the question of baptism and confirmation, both of which sacraments require belief and commitment.

‘Where is the evidence Miss Markle would have adopted such procedures had she not been about to marry a prince of the realm . . . A wedding is holy matrimony, not just a gigantic fancy dress parade.’

I suspect the wedding invitation for the Saintly Widders will be lost in the post.

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