Same-sex blessings made to look just like marriage

Sep 25, 2021 by

by Tony Rucinski,  Coalition for Marriage:

We recently informed you about the Church in Wales’ decision to bless same-sex ‘marriages’.

I spoke to Rev Jim Griffiths, a prominent evangelical vicar, about what this will mean for him and like-minded Church in Wales members. You can listen to our revealing discussion here:

Jim explains how the decision also ratifies rites and liturgies, involving “the blessing and exchanging of rings” and even a repetition of “the vows you’ve used in the civil ceremony”. To the casual observer, he goes on, “this is going to look just like marriage”.

Although the changes were passed as an “experimental rite” for five years, Jim says that was simply a method to get them agreed. Theologically, the Church now sees same-sex marriage as “a gift from God rather than a sin”, signifying God’s approval. In reality, Jim says, this will make any “serious discussion” about allowing same-sex ‘marriage’ a foregone conclusion.

When asked about the argument that this change is in-line with other accepted departures, such as allowing easier divorce and remarriage, Jim argues, “two wrongs don’t make a right”. The pattern in the Bible of man and woman “simply doesn’t change… the same sexual ethic runs throughout the whole of the Bible”.

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