Schools have no idea what to do with the surge in children saying they’re trans

Sep 19, 2023 by

by Molly Kingsley, Daily Mail:

Ministers’ failure to publish guidance on it reeks of moral cowardice.

[…]  Two very different children. Yet, as a new academic year begins, they are both — in distinctive ways — at risk from the trans dogma sweeping the nation’s schools.

According to the tenets of this strange and controversial ideology, our eldest should be branded ‘cisgender’ — that is, her ‘gender identity’ matches her biological sex.

This, as any parent of school-age children will tell you, is achingly unfashionable nowadays: the cool kids are all ‘identifying’ as something else.

As for the younger one — in the past, people might have called her a ‘tomboy’ — well, given her ‘gender-atypical’ behaviour, the trans-rights activists will no doubt be keen to co-opt her to their cause.

Many such children — effeminate boys and more masculine girls — have been streamlined towards puberty-blockers and even surgery, as steps towards living their lives as the opposite sex. Some have gone on bitterly to regret these life-changing decisions.

It is a confusing time to be a parent — and more confusing still to be a child.

Which is why I urge the Government to quell this maelstrom and publish at once its long-overdue guidance for schools on transgender issues.

In March, Rishi Sunak promised that this guidance — an update on 2014 rules, themselves written so that teachers could avoid falling foul of Labour-era equality laws — would be released ‘for the summer term’.

But we’re still waiting, and the pressure on the Prime Minister to deal with this subject is growing ever more intense.

This month, it was reported that Mr Sunak plans to drop what I believe should be a crucial element of the guidance: a ban on children changing their gender in the classroom.

Last week, the children’s commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza, complained that teachers, families and pupils are ‘crying out’ for guidance.

Also last week, Marcial Boo, the chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission regulator, added his voice to the fray, saying that the Government must publish the guidance to provide ‘much-needed clarity’.

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