Schools that refuse to teach children LGBT+ people exist will face strict consequences from OFSTED

Sep 18, 2020 by

by Lily Wakefield, Pink News:

LGBT-inclusive relationships and sex education (RSE) became mandatory for UK schools this month, with schools required to teach the protected characteristics of the Equality Act 2010 as they apply to relationships.

This means that every primary school child must learn about different types of families, including those with same-sex parents, and secondary school students must be taught about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Now, in guidance published Thursday (September 17) by schools watchdog OFSTED, it has been revealed that schools who do not abide by the new guidance could be marked down in inspections.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the watchdog is carrying out a “phased return to inspection”, and schools have been given “flexibility over how they discharge their duty within the first year of compulsory teaching”.

This means that although OFSTED will initially comment on schools’ “readiness” to comply with the RSE guidance from the Department for Education, whether or not a school teaches about LGBT+ relationships “will not impact inspection judgments until the start of the summer term 2021”.

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