Separation of the Church, State and the Hostility Against Believers

Jan 29, 2018 by

by Ken Ham, Christian Post:

As our society becomes increasingly secular, we’re going to see more hostility towards Christianity.

In our western cultures, it’s popular to believe that the so-called separation of church and state means that everything has to be “secular”—no religion (and by religion they mean Christianity) is allowed anywhere in the public sphere. And, of course, those usually pushing this notion refuse to recognize their own belief system—humanism or atheism—as a religion, even though it is. The result of this misconception is increasing lawsuits and court cases in which Christians are being treated as second-class citizens and being denied what is available to everyone else.

Recently, the news featured an incident that clearly illustrates this trend. Calvary Chapel, a church in the state of Nevada, took advantage of the local school district’s flier distribution program to promote their youth events, such as a youth night or a Harvest Party. Well, earlier this year the school district changed its policy and no longer allows any fliers that “promote a religious opinion/belief.” Though the church added a disclaimer to their flier, which stated that the school did not endorse their events, they still were excluded because the fliers contained phrases like “worship night” or “devotional.”

This is unconstitutional because it shows hostility toward religion by excluding private speech that just happens to be Christian.

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