Sex and gender confusion: latest

May 13, 2018 by

Stonewall’s revised version of Christianity, by Andrew Tettenborn, The Conservative Woman

Labour confirms self-identifying trans women eligible for all-women shortlists, by Paul Waugh, Huffington Post

Transgender people encouraged to be priests in Church of England’s diversity drive, by Olivia Rudgard, Telegraph

Understanding and responding to our transgender moment, by Ryan Anderson, SSRN

Department of love? By Richard Littlejohn, MailOnline. [Why is the Department of International Trade prioritizing “the ruthless imposition of the ‘equality and diversity’ agenda”?]

A manifesto for heresy, by Brendan O’Neill, Spiked. [From a talk given at Oxford University, O’Neill says to students and academics: “dare to say the unsayable”, for example, that a man cannot become a woman.]

There is male. There is female. And there is the right to privacy. By Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman

Ontario issues first genderless birth certificate to ‘non-binary’ trans activist, by Calvin Freiburger, LifeSite

How should we respond to this transgender moment? By Ian Paul, Psephizo. [A review of Ryan Anderson’s book ‘When Harry became Sally’.]

‘The New Normal’ challenges LGBT agenda, from Christian Concern. [A new book follows on from the 2016 conference of the same name.]

Conference responds to radical cultural shift, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

 A review of ‘The New Normal’, by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

The merit badge of surrender: How the Boy Scouts of America are succumbing to the gender revolution, by Andrew T Walker, Public Discourse

Why are some MP’s trying to shut down the transgender debate? By James Kirkup, Spectator

Revealed – the next step on the slippery slope, by David Robertson, The Wee Flea. [Robertson analyses how we have got to this point when radical gender ideology is accepted as undeniable truth.]

Drug giants scent gold in those transgender teens, by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest. [It’s not just the cultural Marxists who benefit from the sex and gender revolution, but arch capitalists as well.]

How courts and legislatures are disempowering parents to push transgender rights, by Scott Yenor. A commentary from the U.S.

Pastoral care for transgender people: does it require acceptance of LGBT ideology? By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream. [A review of a disappointing and misleading Grove Booklet on the transgender issue.]

California restricts Christian discipleship: articles following the west coast State’s vote to ban all forms of ‘conversion therapy’ (ill-defined, as usual).

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