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MPs vote to make relationship and sex education LGBT inclusive from primary school, iNews

“MPs have voted in favour of LGBT inclusive relationship and sex education for schools in England by a resounding majority. 538 MPs backed the proposal… which will mean children are taught about different family models from primary school. 21 MPs opposed the measure. If the regulations are approved by the House of Lords, the final guidance is set to be published and come into force from September 2020. The issue has caused deep divisions in some communities…”

New campaigns opposing the SRE regulations:

The website of the Values Foundation, a coalition formed to “uphold the centrality of traditional faith and family values in British education” 

New campaign and website launched – 40 Days: Upholding Traditional Values. Join by paying £1. “Education promulgated via Relationships Education and RSE will ultimately transform Britain into a post-modern liberal society which does not distinguish gender, promotes LGBT lifestyles, destroys family life as we know it and undermines if not humiliates religion.” ’40 Days’ aims to * support the initiative and protect the innocence of children; * allow parents to decide how to educate their children in RSE; * resist state intervention outside the remit of the core curriculum.


Articles: most recent at the top

Peers crush parents forcing schools to indoctrinate children in LGBT dogma, by Will Jones, Rebel Priest

Govt sex ed plans ‘undermine parents’, say Peers, from Christian Institute

The war on children: the comprehensive sexuality education agenda. Video from Family Watch International

“Don’t force your sexual ideology on me and my children”, by Ana Samuel, Public Discourse

Watch: Connect the Dots With Obianuju Ekeocha

Meanwhile the Church of England apparently support the new regulations: C of E: we hope parents won’t withdraw their kids from the new RSE, by Stephen Conway, tes – A senior Church of England bishop throws support of church behind the controversial new sex education guidance.

School pupils are being challenged to debate trans and gender issues, by Susie Mesure, iNews

Sex and Relationship Education – letter to Peers, by Dr Lisa Nolland, Anglican Mainstream. A warning to the House of Lords that the new RSE regulations are “tacitly grooming children to be sexually active”.

Transgender booklet suspended in Warwickshire schools, by Katy Hallam, Coventry Live

RSE – Reprehensible Sexual Exploitation, from Voice for Justice

It can’t be morally good to close down debate about that which is morally good, by Stephen Kneale, Building Jerusalem: “On a recent episode of Question Time (below), the question was debated: Is it morally right that five-year-old children learn about LGBTQ+ issues in school?”

Barbra Streisand’s Excuses for Michael Jackson’s Perversion May Soon Be the New Normal, by Activist Mommy

RSE and Schools as Grooming Factories by Edmund Matyjaszek

Archbishop Justin Welby backs state enforced LGBT Relationships and Sex Education by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest

Izzy Montague, “parents are part of the problem” and why RSE is so controversial by Roger Kiska, Christian Legal Centre

MP’s back Relationship Education Regulations – parents must be vigilant, from Christian Institute

BBC video shows 6-year-old schoolkids being made to write ‘gay’ love letters

Stop The Sex Education Runaway Train by Alan Craig, Politicalite

Don’t let Cultural Marxists win sex education battle by David Kurten, Rebel Priest

Evidence in support of Rejection of the flawed Draft RSE Regulations, Voice for Justice UK

Why the Draft Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education Act 2019 should be rejected by Gavin Ashenden

This mad sexual brainwashing must be resisted, by Will Jones, Parent Power

Equality Act does not require schools to teach same-sex marriage, Bishop Urquhart, by Will Jones, Rebel Priest

No Outsiders? More like no parents’ rights, by Antonia Tully, SPUC

Interfaith ties fracture as Church of England won’t stand with Muslims opposing gay sex in school, by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest. 

Watch: Revd Lynda Rose interviewed by Rodney Hearth

Parents to lose the right to opt-out of Relationships and Sex Education from 2020 by David Kurten, The Freedom Assn

How to respond to the claim that this kind of sex education is necessary to prevent ‘bullying’?

…the unquestioned narrative of bullying of LGBT youth is used to drive education policy. A certain proportion of the population is ‘gay’ from birth, probably 10%, the argument goes. The ‘heteronormativity’ of society makes this minority feel like outsiders, indeed many are bullied simply for being gay. This is the reason for low self esteem, sexual promiscuity and even suicide among gay young people. The solution is to make all schools and workplaces completely accepting of LGBT behaviours and attitudes, and to downplay and minimize traditional family structures.

But …all of these arguments are based on myths. Sexual orientation in young people is notoriously fluid, rather than an innate characteristic like race. The 10% figure was first put forward by the ‘sex researcher’ discredited paedophile Alfred Kinsey in the 1950’s, and has consistently been refuted by more recent research. Rhetoric about ‘homophobic bullying’ being more prevalent and nasty than bullying for other reasons, is not backed up by facts. In particular, data on tragic cases of youth suicides is being falsified to claim peer disapproval about sexual orientation as a major factor, when every suicide has a much more complex background.

…the origin of this theory [has been traced] to gay activists in San Francisco in the 1980’s, whose assertions about suicide were based on ideologically driven research without proper controls, but whose results are still used today. The ‘suicide’ argument is emotionally powerful and shuts down debate. But if it is actually not true that external disapproval is causing distress to young people identifying as gay (disproportionally to other forms of bullying), then it needs to be challenged. Bullying should be countered by the promotion of civility, not unreality and immorality.

From a report on “The New Normal” conference, November 2017

See also:

The real problems with ’Valuing all God’s Children’, by Martin Davie, Reflections of an Anglican Theologian

Transphobic bullying – how widespread is it? from Voice for Justice UK

Focus on LGBT bullying is failing other children, from The Christian Institute

Aussie ‘safe schools’ leader admits program is about gay activism, not bullying. By Andrew Smith, LifeSite


More articles:

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Ontario board will force elementary schools to fly homosexual ‘pride’ flag in June, by Lianne Laurence, LifeSite

Director of The Values Foundation, Judith Nemeth, speaks to Radio 4

Back parents, don’t undermine them, from Christian Institute: “I don’t want my child learning about transgender at an age when they still believe in the tooth fairy.”

Pied Pipers of “polymorphous perversity” penetrate schools luring kids like rats by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest

Ofsted “acting like Big Brother” over compulsory sex education, from SPUC

LGBT row teacher up for £1m global prize, by Sean Coughlan, BBC News. “Mr Moffat has run a “No outsiders” project promoting equality and diversity in the school, including lessons about sexual identity and LGBT rights.”

 The website of Educate and Celebrate is an example of how the powerful LGBT lobby spreads its ideas through schools.

Briefing from Christian Concern: “If parliament asserts a right to determine which beliefs a parent can or cannot instil in his or her own children, it infringes upon a fundamental liberty upon which the social order is established. By usurping a parents’ role as the custodians and guardians for their children’s development, parliament threatens religious liberty and the freedoms of conscience, belief, and even speech.”

The pedophile project: your 7-year-old is next on the sexual revolution’s hit parade, by Stella Morabito, The Federalist

LGBT plan for faith schools released, by Adam Becket, Church Times

Educationalists and religion and belief leaders warn of increased bullying if LGBT guidance is diluted, from

Slippery slope to sexualisation of kids is here, By John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris, Christian Post

Muslim parents protest against Birmingham school’s LGBT promotion, from 5 Pillars

The LGBT agenda that is tearing a school apart, by Chris McGovern, The Conservative Woman

Furious Muslim parents withdraw 600 kids from Parkfield School over ‘LGBT’ row, Birmingham Mail

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