Sex lessons? No, just malevolent mysticism and perverted science

Jul 15, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

I RECENTLY highlighted the inappropriate content of the Relationship and Sex Education reforms which are going live in schools this September, and urged Gavin Williamson to get a grip on the situation.

The Education Secretary hasn’t listened and, not surprisingly, alarm is mounting in the mainstream media about the RSE material that someone, somewhere has deemed acceptable for schoolchildren.

The charity, Transgender Trend, has also exposed inappropriate content, including, for example, that produced by the Proud Trust and promoted as appropriate for school programmes.

So sometimes it’s pornography being presented as education, other times it’s the promotion of the newly prevalent pseudo-science of ‘gender identity’.

For example, the charity Stonewall has produced documents explaining to primary school children that they have an inner gender identity that may or may not align with their biological sex, and that their sex is ‘assigned at birth’.

This document says: ‘Everyone has a gender identity. This is the gender that someone feels they are. This might be the same as the gender they were given as a baby, but it might not. They might feel like they are a different gender, or they might not feel like a boy or a girl.’ 

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