Sexular Colonialism

Apr 14, 2019 by

by Stephen McAlpine:

If my male, pale and stale heart could be warmed, it would be so by the growing realisation that the baton of colonialism, long the historic burden of the conservative, Christianised West, can now been handed to the woke Left in our culture.

The evidence is coming in in spades.  The progressive narrative has created, and is the process of enforcing, a new colonialism and, in a great irony, is enforcing it upon those it once championed.  For so long the progressive side of politics accused the historical nations of the West of colonising ethnic minorities, but suddenly they’ve signed up to the agenda.

And it’s all come down to sex.  The progressives have their own version of cultural assimiliation – let’s call it Sexular Colonialism.

What else to make of what is becoming a widening conflict between the self-aware sexular culture of big money, big government and big sport in the West, and many of those who are the actual players on the field?

In the wake of Israel Folau’s injudicious Instagram message, there has been a growing response from other rugby players of Islander backgrounds, who are backing his stance upon pain of sanction by their own unions.

Go through the list of those who have backed them.  Not a Smith or Jones in sight.  But plenty of names you can’t pronounce quickly and that you know come from Pacific Islander and other ethnic backgrounds.

So we get this from England’s Australian born Billy Vinupola, as quoted in The Guardian:

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