Sharia law at Speakers’ Corner as Christian critic of Muslims is removed by police

Sep 29, 2020 by

by Tim Dieppe, The Conservative Woman:

SPEAKERS’ Corner in Hyde Park has long been a bastion of free speech in the UK. Indeed, it is reputed to be the most famous location for free speech in the world.

A BBC article describes it as ‘the home of free speech.’ The history of the place stretches back to an Act of Parliament in 1872 which sets aside this part of Hyde Park for public speaking.

The list of those known to have spoken there includes Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, George Orwell, George Bernard Shaw, Winston Churchill, Billy Graham, Lord Soper, and Tony Benn. Anyone can turn up unannounced and speak on almost any topic they like, though they may well have to cope with heckling.

Speaker’s Corner has long been a favourite location for street preachers. The BBC article notes that ‘at least half the speakers are preachers’, but also comments that in recent years ‘at least as many of the preachers are Muslim as Christian’.

I have been there for a Sunday afternoon and seen how the place is now dominated by Muslims, but with some brave Christians holding forth.

Video footage will show that it is a highly combative environment with accusations and insults being thrown all over the place, and where strength of voice can be almost as important as strength of argument.

Nevertheless, when I went, I was impressed with the high quality of debate between Christians and Muslims that goes on there. You need to be very well-informed to be able to hold your own in the discussions.

One of the bravest of the Christian preachers is Hatun Tash. I have seen her in action and she is incredibly well-informed on Islamic apologetics and an expert in engaging in the cut-and-thrust debate that occurs there.

In spite of being a relatively short woman, she commands a strong presence and is not intimidated by crowds of mostly men who heckle her and surround her.

Hatun was physically assaulted at Speakers’ Corner in July. In a YouTube discussion with David Wood, she revealed that in August, police warned her that they believe some Muslims intend to kill her and that therefore it is dangerous for her to go to Speakers’ Corner.

But Hatun is not intimidated. She wants Muslims to hear what she has to say. She believes Muslims are making threats in order to get the police to stop her from preaching because she is so effective. She has seen many Muslims convert to Christianity through her remarkable ministry.

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