Sharks and lions are LGBTQ+, according to museum partially funded by taxpayers

Jun 15, 2024 by

by Craig Simpson, Telegraph:

Guide devised as part of attempts to ‘embrace and celebrate diversity’.

Sharks and lions are LGBTQ+, according to a “queer” museum project.

Remains of the apex predators held in the Torquay Museum in Devon have been reinterpreted to reveal their “hidden queer histories”.

Visitors are informed that shark reproduction helps to show the “diverse nature of human sexuality”.

Lions engage in “homosexual behaviour”, according to a museum guide, while hyenas are also “no strangers to homosexual acts”.

The guide created by the taxpayer-supported museum, which receives about £37,000 a year in local council funding, was devised to “embrace and celebrate diversity” in the local area.

Steering visitors around the museum, the map and online guide include items from the natural history collection, such as the preserved jaws of a shark, a lion, and a hyena.

The guide states that some sharks can reproduce asexually, and notes that “the complexity of this process speaks to the same complex and diverse nature of human sexuality”.

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