Sheep among wolves

Oct 24, 2019 by

from Prophecy Today:

David Lindsay reviews a challenging new film about the underground Church in Iran.

This profoundly challenging film explores the rise of the world’s fastest growing church, in Iran. Upon watching, my initial reaction (deliberately overstated) was that there is virtually nothing that Iranian Christians can learn from Western Christians, and conversely nothing that we cannot learn from them. They are in a very different place to us.

The Iranian awakening has become a rapidly-reproducing discipleship movement that owns no property, has no central leadership, no Bible schools or seminaries, no denominational leanings, no bank accounts or charitable status. But it is on fire for Jesus in a way that puts the Western Church and many (if not most) Western believers to shame.

In this feature-length documentary, producer Joel Richardson and director Dalton Thomas introduce us to Iran’s underground believers, their stories and their approach to discipleship.

On the way, we meet some Iranian church leaders with extraordinary stories – a former hacker and meth cook; a former drug runner and now businessman; a former atheist and failed suicidist; a former radical Shia extremist; a former prostitute. They are the epitome of the broken, the hurting, the hopeless – the ‘nobodies’ of Iranian society for whom Jesus came to bring healing and hope…

…Perhaps the defining characteristic of the Iranian Church is that it is a disciple-making movement (DMM), wholly focussed on producing disciples who are willing to lay down everything, including their lives. Non-believers are discipled to convert, not converted to become disciples.

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Here: ‘Sheep among Wolves’ movie website where you can watch the documentary for free

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