Shining a light on the endlessly divisive social conflicts

Feb 25, 2019 by

by John Anderson, The Australian:

Over the past 12 months, I have ­recorded three long conversations with Jordan Peterson because I ­believe he is making a tremendously important contribution to the public square.

All seven of his events featured in his trip to Australia last year were sold out, triggering my initial interest in recording a conversation for my website.

I believe there are five main reasons for this high level of interest. Each one of these reasons I believe shines a light on the very essence of the ­increasingly divisive social conflict of our times.

[…]  Peterson has demonstrated that there is a place for courage and decency even in the fragmented “virtual public square” that social media has supercharged, through his refusal to sink to the level of his opponents, who hurl trite and empty, but nasty, accusations of racism, ­homophobia and bigotry at him. There can be no doubt that the fear of “death by social media” has ­silenced many who disagree with the zeitgeist; courage does not require us to be unafraid but that we master those fears and engage calmly, rationally and respectfully.

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