Should churches continue to livestream as restrictions ease?

May 27, 2021 by

The latest guidance on how to operate during the pandemic from the Church of England says:

“While some parishes continue to offer digital services only, for the time being, many others have either remained open for individual prayer and public worship following Covid risk assessments or are in the process of reopening for in-person worship. The circumstances in each parish will inform local decision-making.

As the Church, along with the rest of society, begins to contemplate the future it is already clear that many congregations will continue to stream services and meet online as part of a ‘mixed-mode’ approach to worship in the wake of the pandemic.”

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Two different views on the way forward, from The Gospel Coalition website:

Why Our Church Will Unplug from Streaming, by Jim Davis and Skyler Flowers

“We’re thankful for the technology that got us through this pandemic, but we’re looking forward to diverting our resources elsewhere.”

Why Our Church Will Keep the Livestream, by Matt Peeples

“I’ve discovered the technology many feared would disconnect people from authentic Christian community can actually become a catalyst for people to experience that very community.”


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