Sing, pray and be of good cheer

Nov 22, 2020 by

by John Musgrave, The Conservative Woman:

THE Feast of Christ the King today heralds one of the strangest Advents amidst the confusion of our times. Advent starts on November 29 but already children and adults are alarmed at talk of plans to cancel Christmas. Never mind 12 days, we’ll be lucky to be allowed out for five. Christ the King? Does his writ still run?

If Christmas goes ahead at all, we are told, it will be in an ever-decreasing circle of bubbles and tiers. The Wise Men will not be allowed to travel, and shepherds will be subject to spot fines. The inns are all closed and as for flying to Egypt, not from Heathrow you won’t.

In deciding whether to ban Christmas celebrations, Boris Johnson faces the biggest test yet of his misappropriated authority. Who believes a politician should tell us whether or not we can celebrate Christmas? Hard-won historic rights governing religion, assembly and free speech will come sharply into focus this Advent. For the Kingdom we serve is not of this world. Our King is not a bauble-lauded legend but a real person, living, breathing, pulsing flesh and blood. A baby born in Bethlehem, a man crucified for our sins, our God and our King who rose again on the third day.

Whatever the tortured rationale of Boris Johnson and his depressing crew of lovers and losers, the anniversary of Christ’s birth remains our light and our hope. The wise among us will obey the law, rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. The wiser still will not be fazed by the claptrap emanating from Downing Street.

Praise and jubilation are the hallmarks of our faith.

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