Sorry, Auntie, you had it coming

Dec 18, 2019 by

by Robin Aitken, UnHerd:

Has the worm finally turned? Are Conservative politicians about to free themselves from the Stockholm Syndrome which has imprisoned them in their relationship with the BBC?

For years I have listened and watched Tory politicians being patronised and traduced by BBC interviewers but, no matter how badly they were treated, they always returned to abase themselves and receive more blows and curses from the masters. But this time, maybe, it’s going to be different. There have been a number of highly significant briefings from government sources since Friday morning’s political earthquake; suggestions that, if carried through, pose a real threat to the Corporation.

[…] My view is that bias is evident across the whole range of BBC output and it bears down particularly hard on social conservatives. Any view that does not conform to the liberal orthodoxy on matters ranging from the LGBT agenda to Islam to immigration is routinely screened out; the BBC simply does not allow any serious challenge to its world-view.

In October the BBC appointed the broadcaster and campaigner June Sarpong to the post of Director of Creative Diversity. The diversity she will be aiming for will be a trivial and superficial thing. What she will not be doing is trying to achieve any real ‘diversity’ of political opinion. The underlying contours of the BBC’s internal political culture will remain untouched.

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