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Following the success of our participation in last year’s London Pride Parade, we will be marching with our Cathedral banner this year, too.

The Parade is on Saturday, 7 July from 12pm. We have a limited number of wristbands available which will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis, so please do contact Canon Leanne Roberts for further information and if you’d like to join us by email

Last year was not only terrific fun, but also a clear witness to our mission statement of inclusiveness which many found moving and memorable. Everyone is welcome.

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Photo and tweet from Southwark Cathedral:

Email exchange between a resident in Southwark Diocese and the office of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

Concern / Complaint about Southwark Cathedral.

Your message
Dear Archbishop Welby,

I am writing to bring to your attention a matter that deeply saddened me last evening (6th July). I was in central London and I happened to see a GLBT rainbow flag flying over Southwark Cathedral in direct breach of the Bible’s teaching, and the official position of the church of England, on the issue of homosexual practice. Whilst I fully support the fact that at all times we (the church) must be loving towards all people no matter what lifestyle choices they make it clearly not acceptable for the church to be flying a flag that stands for actively gay lifestyles in direct contraction to God’s revealed will for humankind. If we love our neighbours then we are to offer them an alternative way of responding to our natural (sinful) inclinations rather than just endorsing and supporting the many and varied things (including, but by no means exclusively, gay sex) that God says are not in line with His will for us.

What I witnessed at Southwark Cathedral yesterday was deeply disappointing evidence of a church ceasing to be ‘salt and light’ to the world and instead caving in to the pressure to just become the same as the world.

I appreciate that you in a difficult situation trying to hold an increasing fragmented church together over such matters but surely the best thing to do is to remain faithful to God’s reveal will rather than to cave into the pressures of ‘the world, the flesh and [or] the devil’?

Trusting that you will investigate this matter further and take any necessary action to keep the church together in line with the Bible’s teaching.

Yours in Christ Jesus,
Julia Thompson.


From: Lambeth Palace <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2018 13:40
Subject: RE: 49018 Concern / Complaint about Southwark Cathedral.
To: <>

Dear Julia

Thank you for your recent email addressed to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Due to the volume of correspondence he receives, the Archbishop is unable to respond personally and in detail to each one, so I have been asked to reply to you on his behalf.

Thank you for your comments regarding the flag being flown at Southwark Cathedral during the Pride London event. Archbishop Justin is under no illusions about the diverse range of opinions on human sexuality that are held throughout the entire Anglican Communion, nor about how strongly those opinions are held and the challenge this debate poses.

The Archbishop resisted the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in the House of Lords, but was defeated by a large majority in favour of the legislation.  He and his brother Bishops did however secure exemption from the provisions of the Act for the Church of England.  Thereby they signalled their adherence to orthodox Christian teaching concerning marriage. However, Parliament spoke very clearly on this issue, and the Church must accept that it did and was within its rights to do so.

As part of the ongoing conversation, the Archbishop has encouraged the start of a process of deep reflection on the topic of human sexuality. An episcopal teaching document is being worked on, led by bishops, but with the in-depth involvement of experts, campaigners, academics, scientists etc. There is no pre-determined conclusion for this document.

In this instance, you would be better to address your specific concerns about the decision to fly the flag to the Dean of Southwark Cathedral or indeed the Diocesan Bishop as Archbishop Justin has no jurisdiction in the area concerned. They are better placed to explain their reasons for choosing to fly the flag.

Thank you for taking the trouble to write

Yours sincerely,

Owen Morgan

Owen Morgan | Correspondence Manager to the Archbishop of Canterbury

Lambeth Palace, London SE1 7JU | Switchboard: 020 7898 1200

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