‘Speak on behalf of those yet to be born’

Aug 10, 2019 by

By Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans:

Archbishop Glenn Davies has urged State MP’s to reject a new bill to make abortion more available in New South Wales.

The bill is to be introduced into the New South Wales Parliament this week and has the support of the Health Minister and Premier, as well as some members of other parties.

Abortion is legal in New South Wales if “the operation was necessary to preserve the woman involved from serious danger to her life or physical or mental health which the continuance of pregnancy could entail”.

“I appeal for a respectful debate concerning abortion and I urge MPs to use their conscience vote to reject this bill. It is not appropriate to rush this bill without widespread community consultation.” Dr Davies said in a statement…

…The Archbishop said the laws are being proposed at a time when those who wish to speak against abortion, including many women, are being denied that opportunity.

“In particular, signs sponsored by the Emily’s Voice group were recently ordered off buses for simply stating a medical fact – that an unborn child’s heart is beating at four weeks.When has a democratic society prevented the publication of facts?” Dr Davies said.

“A respectful debate needs to hear all sides of the issue, including those who wish to speak on behalf of those yet to be born.”

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Meanwhile in England, by contrastArchbishop of Canterbury hosts Muslim gabfest as peers push abortion on Northern Irelandby Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest: “…bishops in the Church of England are being slammed for skipping the critical House of Lords vote that resulted in the imposition of abortion on Northern Ireland.”

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