Speak out now against this Stalinist transgender revolution

Oct 11, 2018 by

by David Kurten, The Conservative Woman:

[…] The trans lobby, backed by Stonewall, appears determined to see the Gender Recognition Act ‘reformed’ so that anyone can self-certify as the opposite gender and be recognised as such immediately. Anyone who self-certifies will be given a new birth certificate declaring that they are the gender they are not. Theresa May has promised it, and her once-sensible Women and Equalities Minister Penny Mordaunt MP is championing the cause.

In the 75-point LGBT Action Plan published by the Government Equalities Office in July, Mordaunt declares herself to be a Stonewall LGBTI+ ally. This action plan promises to ‘extend the anti-homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying programme in schools’ (transparently a façade for indoctrinating the youngest of children into LGBT ideology), ‘take further action on LGBT hate crime’, even though hate crime is purely subjective, and to push and fund the LGBT agenda around the globe in a new and unwanted form of progressive colonialism.

These action points are backed up with large amounts of government money to which we are all contributing as taxpayers. £4.5million is promised to deliver commitments in the action plan and other projects.

In the manner of progressive Leftists, Mordaunt accuses of ‘bigotry’ anyone who disagrees with the transgender agenda. In Parliament she claimed that ‘the discrimination and bigotry that the trans community faces is very much like what gay men went through in the 1980s’. Yet it is neither bigoted nor extreme to question the denial of basic biological facts.

Even more concerning is that she seems to have discovered a penchant for social engineering: ‘Ultimately this is about a culture change . . . We . . . need to show our complete solidarity with the trans community as we do it.’

This is the official expression of the furious, aggressive and sometimes violent street-fighting seen from trans activists in attempting to silence anyone who disagrees. This ideology, which only five years ago was on the fringes, has been mainstreamed to such an extent that it is now defended by the government with a revolutionary zeal.

Transgender activists regularly have speakers no-platformed, teachers fired, dissenters reported for hate crimes or hate speech and dragged through the courts.

At the same time proposed empirical and scientific research into the issue is being refused funding, as is publication if the conclusions do not fit the ‘correct’ political narrative. Even a poster with a simple dictionary definition of the word ‘woman’ has been condemned as transphobic and taken down. This is the altar of extreme political correctness on which freedom of speech is being destroyed.

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