Statement from Forward in Faith UK on the consecration of a traditionalist bishop of Lewes

Jul 18, 2020 by

from Anglican Ink:

We express our gratitude to the Archbishop of Canterbury for making arrangements (1) for Prebendary Will Hazlewood’s consecration to the episcopate at Lambeth Palace Chapel on 15 July which give full expression to the Five Guiding Principles, as enshrined in the House of Bishops’ Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests (2).

For slightly over twenty-five years, in the period since the admission of women into the priesthood by the Church of England, provision has been made for traditional Catholic candidates for the priesthood to be ordained by bishops with whom they are in full sacramental communion.

It is fitting that this well-established practice is being adopted as the norm for the consecration of traditional Catholic bishops, now that women have been admitted into the episcopate by the Church of England.

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