Statement from the Evangelical Fellowship of the Church in Wales following a meeting with the Bench of Bishops

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from Anglican Ink:

EFCW Public statement following the meeting of representatives of the EFCW Executive with the Bench of Bishops on Tuesday 23rd November 2021 in Wrexham.

  1. The EFCW Executive were pleased to have been invited to meet the Bench of Bishops in a courteous two-hour meeting. The Bench and the EFCW representatives were able to openly explore current concerns over the introduction of the experimental same-sex blessing liturgy. We were in agreement that these are difficult times for the Church in Wales regarding the sensitive pastoral issues for both the LGBTQ community and those holding a traditional position. The Bench expressed that EFCW members were a valued part of the Church in Wales Communion.
  2. Regarding the conscience clause for the same-sex blessing service:
    1. EFCW was given complete assurance that the Bench would support the continuance of the conscience clause throughout the five-year experimental period, and said they would wish for it to continue beyond that time.
    2. For clergy who exercise the use of the conscience clause, the Bishops promised to be “sympathetic, sensitive, pastoral and generous”, though limited guidance was given as to how this might be shown, and that they did not want to have any ‘No-Go Zones’.
    3. On being asked about provision for the lay, the Bench did not have any particular provision for those who did not agree with the service, but they may explore this further as a Bench.        Read here

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