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UPDATE:  Bishop Philip North withdraws from nomination: (Newer items at the bottom of this section)

Letter from the Archbishops to Sir Philip Mawer

Statement from Bishop Philip North

Statement from 10 Downing Street

Statement from the Archbishop of York

Statement from the Bishop of Blackburn

 Statement from the Bishop of Doncaster

Statement from the Bishop of Burnley and the Diocese of Sheffield

Statement from The Society

Statement from Forward in Faith

Exacerbating the credibility crisis, by Lee Gatiss, Church Society

Bishop Philip North pulls out of Sheffield after personal attacks by Tim Wyatt, Church Times

Bishop of Maidstone: “Philip North hounded out of office”

WATCH statement on the Bishop of Sheffield – Women and the Church

New Bishop of Sheffield stands aside after ‘highly individualised attacks’ over his views on women priests – Telegraph

Philip North Withdraws As Bishop Of Sheffield – Christian Today

Selection of controversial Sheffield bishop ‘showed a lack of understanding’, The Star

New bishop quits following row over female clergy by Tom Richmond, Yorkshire Post

Incoming Bishop of Sheffield quits the job before he even starts in row over his opposition to women priests by James Tozer, Mailonline

Bishop turns down promotion over protests over stance on women, Guardian

Bishop quits after rejecting women priests – The Times (£)

The Resignation That Rocked The Church: How The CofE Reacted To Philip North’s Decision by Harry Farley, Christian Today

Bishop Philip North rejects Sheffield role after attacks over female clergy views by Alex Williams, Premier

Those who attacked +Philip North have made same-sex blessing compromise impossible by Archbishop Cranmer

Martyn Percy responds to Bishop of Sheffield designate, Modern Church

Feminism is corrupting the heart of the Church by Belinda Brown, TCW

Reform press statement

Why The Future Of The Church Of England Is In The Balance After The Sheffield Debacle by Andy Walton, Christian Today

Mutual flourishing? not likely… by Jules Middleton

As Philip North turns down Sheffield post, questions are raised about future of catholics in Church, CEN

Church of England at war after Bishop Philip North’s U-turn by Martin Bashir and Callum May, BBC

Philip North and the sham of good disagreement by Phill Sacre

Philip North crisis: ‘Good Disagreement’ has become ‘bad bullying’ by Gavin Ashenden, Cranmer

Bullying and broken vows as Bishop is forced out, by Chris Sugden, Global Christian News

The CofE’s trajectory is now obvious. Orthodox believers – you’d be very welcome here by Mgr Andrew Burnham, Catholic Herald

Bp. Keith Ackerman (Forward in Faith North America) responds to the statement by the Bishop of Maidstone

US Anglicans weigh in by David Virtue, VOL

Mourning our infidelity by Elaine Storkey, Fulcrum

On infidelity, broken promises and hounding: why Elaine Storkey is wrong by Jeremy Pemberto

The Bishop of Beverley responds to Bishop North’s withdrawal from Sheffield

Women Bishops And Bishop Philip North: What Does ‘Mutual Flourishing’ Actually Mean? by Harry Farley, Christian Today

The Church of England has sent a clear message to its conservative churchgoers – you’re not wanted By Andrew Sabisky, ibtimes

Are liberals illiberal about women priests? by Jonathan Clatworthy

Bishop’s resignation shows some didn’t get the memo on ‘mutual flourishing’ of men and women in the Church by Arun Arora, PR Week

The See of Sheffield – Update from Forward in Faith

On the Bishop of Burnley; Where is the surprise here? by Mary Ann Mueller, VOL

Presidential address to Synod – 18 March 2017 by the Bishop of Doncaster

The Philip North affair has exposed the theological weakness of ‘traditionalism’ by Linda Woodhead, Modern Church

See of Sheffield: Affirming Catholicism responds, Thinking Anglicans

Archbishops launch investigation into Philip North row after ‘highly individualised’ attacks by Harry Farley, Christian Today

The Archbishops of the Church of England perpetuate the myth that diametrically opposed beliefs can coexist

Anglican Unscripted #279 – ABC & York pass the pound

Women bishops: the desperate and disingenuous distinction in the Five Guiding Principles by Archbishop Cranmer

Not a matter of opinion: Discernment, difference and discrimination, Modern Church


Earlier, after the news of Bishop North’s appointment:

Controversy as anglo-catholic Bishop Philip North is appointed as Bishop of Sheffield.

Read the Guardian article here

Read C of E Statement here


More reports and articles: (newer items at the top)

Women bishops: the desperate and disingenuous distinction in the Five Guiding Principles by Archbishop Cranmer

Bishop of Sheffield: Martyn Percy asked for bread; Sentamu and Welby give a stone by Archbishop Cranmer

Why the CoE must be a broad church when it comes to new Bishop of Sheffield by Arun Arora, Yorkshire Post

Abstaining: Martyn Percy’s excellent (but flawed) Lenten reflection (on Sheffield) by Archbishop Cranmer

Louise Haigh MP writes open letter to the new Bishop of Sheffield

Why the C of E must be a broad church when it comes to Sheffield, by Arun Arora, Yorkshire Post

Women Bishops rally round Philip North in Sheffield row, by Madeleine Davies, Church Times

Agreeing to disagree in Sheffield? By Ian Paul, Psephizo

Communication from The Society on the See of Sheffield

5 Guiding principles on Women and the Episcopate – a user guide, from the Communications office for the National Church Institutions

Sheffield speaking out – What do we want? By Sue Hammersley, Sheffield Action on Ministry Equality.

John Sentamu: Your have my word – female clergy will not be undermined by new Bishop of Sheffield, Yorkshire Post

Church comes out fighting for conservative bishop in row over women’s ordination by Harry Farley, Christian Today

If Philip North can’t be Bishop of Sheffield, the Church of England ceases to be catholic by Archbishop Cranmer


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