Statement On Israel Folau

Apr 13, 2019 by

by Martyn Iles, Australian Christian Lobby:

The Australian Christian Lobby stands with Israel Folau and supports his right to express his beliefs.

“Israel Folau has quoted a paraphrase of the Bible, which is believed by millions of Australians who profess Christian faith and attend churches regularly,” said ACL managing director, Martyn Iles.

“To censor Israel Folau is to censor millions of Australians who believe that sin is real, hell is real, and salvation in Jesus Christ is the equal answer for all, regardless of our identity or background.”

“When a belief is disagreed with, however vehemently, it should be critiqued, not censored. That is how a mature, democratic society works.”

“Censoring a belief does not change the fact that it is part of the identity of millions of people. In fact, it will only cause greater conflict and friction over time.”

“All Australians must know that they are free to express those beliefs which are part of their identity, even if they are overtly Christian.”

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