State’s assault on China’s young Christians

Oct 5, 2018 by

By Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman.

The Jesuits supposedly follow the principle of ‘Give me the child and I will give you the man’. The Communist Party of China follows the same principle.

We are told that by 2030 China could have more Christians than any other country. Not if the ruling Communist Party has anything to do with it.

Despite the seeming relaxation within China, the rise of a middle class, increasing prosperity in the cities and gigantic infrastructure projects, we shouldn’t fool ourselves into thinking that China is gradually changing or that we can look forward to it evolving into a modern liberal democracy.

Its capitalism is state-controlled capitalism, the emerging but tightly regulated middle class is minute in comparison with the vast number of rural peasants and exploited urban workers, the infrastructure projects such as the new Silk Road have underlying military purposes.

Above all, the Chinese Communist Party retains a tight grip on power. Knowing itself under increasing pressure with discontent in the provinces and a growing consumer society, the party is determined that any alternative understanding of human life and purpose, especially Christianity, should be hamstrung.

The coercion of Chinese Christians starts when they are very young.

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