Steve Chalke and the threat to prosecute evangelical churches

Oct 25, 2020 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today:

Steve Chalke has given us a straw in the wind about what will be coming next in the ongoing campaign to change church doctrine and practice in line with the current cultural zeitgeist.

He tweeted: “When I began to welcome LGBT into my church, the Evangelicals threw the charity I founded out of their alliance. But I believe what amounts to the abuse of LGBT people by churches is likely to soon see a crop of high-profile prosecutions.”

He referenced a Guardian article which gives a great deal more information about this campaign.

Earlier in the month, Steve put out a press release warning churches that it was psychological abuse to express pastoral concern or pray for people with unwanted same-sex attraction. He also declared that teaching the biblical view of sexuality could result in prosecution. Before that, the Ozanne foundation had issued a letter asking the Prime Minister to ban all forms of ‘conversion therapy’ including outlawing calls for sexual abstinence and preventing trans people who want to detransition from getting help.

In a message to the Creating Sanctuary Conference this weekend, Sir Elton John praised Steve and the other participants for their work, and attacked churches for failing to welcome, accept and include LGBTQ+ people. Sir Elton is an atheist who in the past argued that Jesus was gay and would have supported gay marriage. The endorsement of Elton appears to be more important than the endorsement of Jesus.

Let’s be clear: this carefully orchestrated campaign is designed to intimidate and bully evangelicals into silence. Steve Chalke is warning his former evangelical colleagues that they are likely to be prosecuted for holding to the traditional, biblical Christian teaching on sex and sexuality.

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