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Stonewall’s influence on BBC and Ofcom revealed, by David Thompson, BBC News: The extent of the influence of LGBTQ charity Stonewall in public bodies across the UK has been revealed in a BBC investigation [presented by Stephen Nolan]. Governments, Ofcom and the BBC have had their impartiality questioned after involvement in the lobby group’s diversity scheme.

Stephen Nolan’s Stonewall documentary is unmissable, by Gareth Roberts, UnHerd: This bizarre set of ideas [eg about transgender], not recognised in law, were simply adopted without question, propagated into institutions such as the NHS, and given credence by Stonewall’s previous good reputation.

Nolan Investigates: Stonewall – All ten podcasts transcribed, from Fair Play for Women:

In October 2021 a team of BBC journalists blew the lid off the controversial lobby group Stonewall and its influence on public institutions across the UK. A team of volunteer supporters have transcribed the key contents of each episode for people to read and quote from.

Stephen Nolan warned off Stonewall podcast by ‘seasoned people’ within BBC, by Christopher Leebody, Belfast Telegraph:

LGBT charity Stonewall ‘dictated policy’ to Welsh government , by David Thompson, BBC News: Labour MP Tonia Antoniazzi said the government promoted an “ideological culture” by adopting Stonewall’s interpretation of the Equality Act.

How Stonewall was exposed, by Douglas Murray, unherd:

It is one thing that a group should be caught out in a dodgy money-making scheme. It is another that people should be seeing through their influence-peddling operations. Yet it is far worse when a clerical class cannot explain the doctrines of their own faith. A faith they have been busy trying to spew out across the whole of society, but which is so baseless, that even the priestly class doesn’t know what they are talking about. It is the end of the faith.

How Stonewall conquered our institutions, by Joanna Williams, spiked: “this series is less about Stonewall’s influence and more about the institutions that held the door open, offered Stonewall a seat at the table, and begged it for approval.”

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Is defeating Stonewall the end of the story? by Simon Edge, The Critic

Playing The ace card, by Michael Collins, The Critic: In a bid to restore its reputation, widen its remit and replenish its diminishing funds, Stonewall has begun to focus on less familiar groups within the infinite alphabet of LGBTQIA rights.

Rule of silence, By Sarah Phillimore, The Critic:
Some barristers try to no-platform Naomi Cunningham and Maya Forstater from debate at Middle Temple on LGB, T and conversion therapy bans.

Stonewall finally accept debate, by Maya Forstater, The Critic:
The lobby group have previously refused to debate their trans-affirming position.

[Editor’s note: Is this evidence of cracks in Stonewall’s hegemony good for Christian freedoms, or is the new-found accommodation between Stonewall and the TERFs likely to strengthen bans on moving away from homosexuality (or even talking about it)?]

MP: Stonewall and Mermaids spreading false information in schools,
from The Christian Institute: An MP has criticised LGBT activist groups for confusing impressionable children by promoting radical gender ideology in schools.

So much for Boris Johnson’s War on Woke by Joanna Williams, spiked

Boris Johnson’s senior advisers are ‘letting Stonewall dictate trans policies’ by Jo Bartosch and Oliver Wright, The Times (£)

Better late than never by Sarah Phillimore, The Critic

BBC QUITS Stonewall’s Diversity Champions programme after slew of public and private firms left the scheme in row over trans rights by Dan Sales, Mailonline

Is it time for a public inquiry into Stonewall? David Baker, Christian Today

Is Nolan’s BBC-Stonewall investigation a ‘Romans’ moment in culture? by Carys Moseley, Christian Today

Ministers kept in dark on Stonewall diversity scheme, The Times

Now the business department begins review of Stonewall’s ‘dubious’ diversity training scheme, wseetonline

The trojan horse of Stonewall by Robin Aitken, The Critic

Foreign Office is still paying Stonewall thousands of pounds months after Liz Truss urged ministries to pull out of diversity scheme by Daniel Martin, Mailonline

Treasury among more government departments considering Stonewall links by Harry Yorke, Telegraph

Education ministry spent £600,000 on Stonewall schemes by Lucy Bannerman, The Times

Is Nolan’s BBC-Stonewall investigation a ‘Romans’ moment in culture? by Carys Moseley, Christian Today

Stonewall dropped by health department by Lucy Bannerman, The Times

Scottish Goverment drops the word ‘mother’ after Stonewall demand from Coalition for Marriage

LEGO phases out boys and girls toys, Stonewall want to go further by Colin Hart, Coalition for Marriage

Under the thumb of Stonewall for too long, the BBC must now restore its impartiality by David Robertson, Christian Today

Big Stonewall scheme quitters so far

Equality and Human Rights Commission



Cabinet Office

Channel 4

Department of Health


Ministry of Justice

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