Stonewall take another hostage

Dec 23, 2020 by

by Rob Jessel and Helen White, The Critic:

At Fair Cop we spent 18 months helping to reveal Stonewall’s pernicious influence on public life. Last Tuesday, Ofcom’s chief executive, Melanie Dawes, managed it in a sentence.

Pink News, the blog that breaks important stories about how everyone is a bigot, homophobe and transphobe, gleefully reported Ms Dawes’ appearance before the Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Committee. In particular, the blog noted Ms Dawes’ comment that it was “extremely inappropriate” for broadcasters to balance appearances by transgender people with activists from “anti-trans pressure groups”.

As ever, it’s worth reading the comments in full, because they reveal Melanie Dawes to be yet another hostage to Stonewall. In response to an assertion from John Nicolson MP, who sits on the DCMS Committee, that the LGB Alliance is a transphobic hate group, Dawes replied:

I think it is a very good point, and a very good example of something that we have been talking to Stonewall about, about how the broadcasters can, when they feel they need to bring balance into a debate, do it in an appropriate way, rather than in the way that you just described, which can be extremely inappropriate.

In other words, the UK’s broadcast regulator has been captured by Stonewall. Gender critics, Fair Cop among them, helped uncover the tactics used by Stonewall, Gendered Intelligence and other proponents of gender ideology to infiltrate organisations and train them in the new orthodoxy. One of our friends wrote about her experience of re-education, and the bullying that resulted when she dared to raise a question.

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