Stop picking on Christians

May 7, 2021 by

by James Gillies, spiked:

Anti-Christian sentiment is on the rise among certain sections of the British establishment.

Many Brits would comfortably describe the United Kingdom as a ‘Christian country’. It has an established church, a constitutional monarch who acts as head of the church, and a wider culture that is broadly rooted in Judaeo-Christian values. Our parliament, our courts, our schools, our hospitals and many other key pillars of society were shaped by Christian people over the centuries. However, a glance at the media and politics tells a different story – a story of a secular establishment determinedly opposing Christianity.

To be a Christian, and especially an evangelical Christian, in public life today is to paint a target on your back. It doesn’t matter that you are part of the predominant religious group in UK society. It doesn’t matter that your views on issues like gay marriage and abortion are entirely mainstream and shared by people in other religions. You can expect a hostile reception from those in power. Three episodes in the past month demonstrate the level of anti-Christian sentiment in the public arena today.

The first involves Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross, MP for Moray. Ross is not a Christian, but last week he was lampooned by the Scottish media for comments he made seven years ago in defence of Christians and others who opposed the redefinition of marriage. At the time, Ross signalled that he would have voted against gay marriage had he been an MSP. And he said a petition organised by Christians and signed by hundreds of thousand of traditional-marriage supporters ought to be taken into account.

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