Students call on university to rethink hosting Lambeth Conference over gay spouse ban

Mar 24, 2019 by

by Marcus Jones, Premier:

Students at the University of Kent are criticising a decision to ban the same sex spouses of bishops attending the Lambeth Conference.

The Canterbury campus is hosting the once a decade meeting of senior clergy from across the Anglican Communion next year.

While bishops attending are expected to bring their wives and husbands, earlier this year organisers confirmed those in same sex relationships wouldn’t be permitted to bring their partners.

The decision was made in light of criticism from some quarters of the Church that the Communion was moving away from traditional Biblical understanding over the issue of homosexuality.

University bosses claim they have to respect the wishes of their clients as long as they are legal.

Calling on the university to rethink, PhD student Adrianna Lowe told Kent Online: “It’s completely spineless. I understand all universities are struggling, particularly in the current climate, for money. But when push comes to shove, you can only see what someone’s values are when they are tested.

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