Tatchell defends anti-abortion protests – and tells how he got Cameron and Johnson to support same-sex marriage

Jun 6, 2018 by

by Andrew Gimson, Conservative Home:

Peter Tatchell recounts in this interview how he prompted  David Cameron and Boris Johnson to declare their support for same-sex marriage. He also defends the right of anti-abortion campaigners to engage in peaceful protest outside abortion clinics, including the display of pictures of foetuses.

But on arrival at the 66-year-old activist’s council flat in south London, it was impossible not to start by exclaiming at the sight of his sitting-room, so crammed with piles of paper there is only enough floor space left for a small desk, two chairs and, against one wall, three bicycles.

The papers, many yellow with age, support a white layer of campaign materials in current use. The sheaf of posters next to the visitor’s chair read: “Chechen tyranny and Islamism crushes all human rights.”

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