Tavistock Clinic to close

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The headline on 29th July 2022:

Shuttering the Tavistock by Bernard Lane, Quillette

Why has the Cass Review commissioned yet more research on puberty blockers? By Carys Moseley, Christian Concern. The Tavistock issue is not over. Dame Hilary Cass’ recommendation of yet more research on puberty blockers should be treated as a major scandal, and suggests that the pro-trans lobby are fighting back.

The decline of madness by Jacob Phillips, Artillery Row

‘Ditched NHS gender clinic caused immeasurable harm to children’, The Christian Institute

NHS to close Tavistock child gender identity clinic, by Jasmine Andersson & Andre Rhoden-Paul, BBC News:
Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust has been told to shut the clinic by spring after it was criticised in an independent review.

Tavistock transgender clinic shut down by NHS after review finds it is ‘not safe’ for children, by Hayley Dixon, Telegraph: Young people who believe that they are trans will be moved into regional centres which will take a more ‘holistic’ approach to treatment.

Analysis and comment:

Why the Tavistock had to fall, by Kathleen Stock, unherd:
The Gender Identity Development Service, unquestioningly accepted for so long by medics and other establishment figures as providing expert care, was based on subjective theories from psychoanalysis and post-structuralist philosophy, where “there are no objective truths but only a series of subjective narratives.”

More time was spent assessing facelifts than on life-changing decisions over vulnerable kids, Tavistock’s former staff governor reveals, by Dr David Bell, Mail on Sunday

After Tavistock, will Mermaids be next? by Steerpike, Spectator [£]

The Tavistock scandal shows the dangers of civil service groupthink, by Kemi Badenoch, The Times: “I was advised not to listen to Keira’s harrowing story but I overruled that: ministers must overcome obstacles to find the truth.”

How did the Tavistock carry on for so long? By Fraser Myers, spiked:
‘The fear of [being accused of] transphobia has basically just immobilised people’s capacity to think critically.’ This lack of critical thinking and questioning opened the door to all kinds of strange and illogical views about gender.

Courage of the parents, patients and whistleblowers who refused to be silenced is revealed, by Martin Beckford, Daily Mail:
Staff also put their careers in jeopardy, to warn that vulnerable children unsure about their gender were being put at risk.

Where does the public stand on sex and gender issues? by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:
Polling company YouGov recently published evidence that public opinion on transgender rights has changed in important ways since 2018…”more people are acknowledging the biological realities.”

There’s no such thing as a transgender two-year-old, by James Esses, spiked:
Stonewall tweeted the extraordinary claim that ‘research suggests children as young as two recognise their trans identity’.

Editor’s note: Another question which needs to be answered: why is it that the transgender ‘juggernaut’, involving uncritical acceptance of this pernicious ideology by so-called experts in education, medicine, media and government, has only now been challenged and slowed because of opposition from courageous people in the secular world, mostly women like Kathleen Stock, JK Rowling, Maya Forstater and Sharron Davies? Why has the church been largely silent about this horror, or in many cases even supportive like the bishops of the Church of England? Why are evangelicals so reluctant to talk about false ideologies in the culture? Is it not a dereliction of duty when the sheep are being deceived by the wolves? We cannot trust the leaders of our once great institutions to show common sense or independence of thought, but we can trust in the simple concepts of biology in creation and of natural law outlined in the bible.

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