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from Christian Today:

Across the country, churches are welcoming refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants into their local communities.

Many of these new arrivals need help with their English and Christian TEFL is supporting churches as they seek to meet that need by training up their members to become English language teachers.

A new short course about to launch in July will help churches and other groups and individuals in this vital work.

William Bradridge, Director of Studies at Christian TEFL, speaks to Christian Today about how offering free English language classes is helping churches welcome in the stranger – and share their faith.

CT: What inspired you to set up Christian TEFL?

William: My wife and I were English language teachers and together we set up a company called Global English to train people online in teaching English. We are Christians and we wanted to do something that would be effective for the Gospel so we prayed about how this might work and whether we should use our English language teaching to go on missions somewhere. But we had a young family so we didn’t feel that was the right move for us.

The answer seemed to us to be that we should use our business in a way that was creative and would enable people to be sent out to countries that they can’t go to so easily as a Christian but can go to as an English language teacher.

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