Tell Barclays Bank to respect religious freedom

Aug 3, 2020 by

Petition from CitizenGo:

Barclays Bank has unilaterally decided to withdraw banking services to one of their customers, a Christian organisation, the Core Issues Trust (CIT), following pressure from high-profile LGBT activists.

While no official explanation has been given, it seems as though Barclays are following in the footsteps of other financial institutions such as Paypal and MailChimp who also withdrew their services, after high-profile activists targeted their organisations on Twitter.

The Core Issues Trust has been targeted because they offer counselling and support for individuals experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction and gender confusion but nevertheless wish to live by traditional Christian principles.

CIT explicitly condemns and abhors abusive techniques such as electroshock therapy or ‘corrective rape’ and does not employ compulsion or coercion, yet nonetheless they are being accused of ‘conversion therapy’ simply because they help individuals on a one-to-one basis, who wish to explore the concept of sexual attraction fluidity.

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