Tell the Justice Secretary not to speed up divorce

May 28, 2020 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

Dear marriage supporter,

The Government’s reckless ‘no-fault’ divorce Bill is likely to be discussed by MPs soon.

Please contact Robert Buckland QC, the Secretary of State for Justice, and urge him to drop the Bill.

Ending a marriage will be easier than getting out of a mobile phone contract. The fault grounds will be abolished. A person could end their marriage on demand and the spouse being divorced would have no say. A victim of adultery or domestic violence will not be able to cite that conduct as the reason for the divorce. The legal expectation that a marriage be lifelong is effectively scrapped.

The Bill is also wrong on the Government’s own terms. It claims it wants to end the ‘blame game’ and says this comes from the fault requirements. But if that is the case, why also abolish the separation categories (where the couple need only show that they have lived apart)? This will be disastrous – slashing the opportunity for reconciliation.

There are around 100,000 divorces each year on average. In 2018, 42% were on the basis of separation for either two years or five years. That means, before the divorce process had started, the couple had to lead separate lives for years. It creates an opportunity for second thoughts and potential reconciliation.

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