Ten Points to Explain What’s Going on in the Catholic Church

Oct 20, 2019 by

by Fr Dwight Longenecker:

The Amazonian Synod and the papacy of Pope Francis are causing many American Catholics to scratch their head and wonder what on earth is going on. Everything they thought the Catholic Church was seems to be shifting. They thought they had built on the solid rock. Now they feel the house is on shifting sands.

There are many complex reasons for the present turmoil. They are rooted in the history of the church, and not just the last fifty years since the Second Vatican Council. Vatican II was itself the result of an age of revolution and transition in society and the church that had been going on for the last 500 years.

The fact of the matter is, the barque of Peter is sailing through very stormy waters right now, and it takes some courage and lots of faith not to get seasick and not to think you must man the lifeboats or jump overboard and swim for shore.

The more we understand what is happening, the more we will be able to put our trust in God and know that Christ will not abandon his bride the church. The way to understand what is happening is to understand both the current trends that are affecting the church and the historical currents that have brought us where we are today.

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