Terrorists spread the war against Christians online

Aug 4, 2019 by

by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman:

CREDIT where it is due: Muslim extremists are nothing if not creative. ISIS have used the internet as an effective recruiting and propaganda tool. To most of us their productions are in the ‘horror’ category, but they struck a chord with young impressionable Western-born Muslims who were persuaded to reject liberal Western values of free speech and individual rights in favour of head chopping, flogging and burkas.

ISIS have used fake news to target Egyptian Christians. In December 2017, a social media account named the ‘Sons of Jesus Movement’ claimed responsibility for the November bombing and shooting at a Sufi Muslim mosque in the Sinai, which killed more than 300 people.

The latest social media onslaught of these Muslim extremists is more basic and makes use of social media as a means of arousing violence against individual Christians.

ISIS are known to have hacked the Facebook accounts of at least 60 Egyptian Christians since mid-2017 in order to insult and threaten them and spread propaganda. The ISIS hackers changed the personal information page of several Christian account holders to read ‘we promise to slay him soon’ as the terrorist group spread its war against Christians online.

These Facebook posts are the latest persecution tactic. In Egypt there has been an increase in posts by Christians which are insulting to Muslims, but the Christians involved claim the posts, although on their Facebook pages, did not originate from them.

As we have seen all too often, it is extremely easy to arouse the Muslim mob. A mention of Allah in a book they had never read and mobs from Birmingham to Jakarta went on the march demanding the death of Salman Rushdie. A cartoon in a Danish newspaper was resurrected months after publication and there were deaths during worldwide riots. Any spark, no matter how insignificant, is enough to ignite the Muslim mob.

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