The ABC of LGBTQIA – for toddlers

Sep 21, 2019 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

RECENTLY I came across something in my Twitter feed that made me shake my head at how far gone the most woke corners of the USA are. A ‘gender critical’ feminist in the US was alerting followers to a little book aimed at toddlers that teaches them about, amongst other things, gender fluidity.

The title of the book is An ABC of Equality and it is little and bright and made with hard pages. It’s for toddlers. They can learn for example that ‘Z is for Ze’. Because ‘Ze is a way to refer to someone instead of using “he” or “she”. Because there are lots of different genders, there are lots of ways of describing someone including he/she/they/ze and more’.

‘There are lots of different genders.’ Can you imagine being three and finding that out? And slowly learning that you’re meant to decide for yourself? How are you going to decide? Well, as countless ‘gender critical’ feminists have pointed out, only by resurrecting vacuous stereotypes. Like pink and twirly dresses? You’re more of a girl. Like digging in the dirt or tearing about in the park? You’re boyish. As I said in a previous article, given that most kids like to tear around at the park, no wonder this whole ‘choose your own gender’ thing is impacting girls the most. 

Back to the little book. I discovered it in my local bookshop a couple of days ago. Brightly coloured, eye-level, ready for little kids to pick up. L is for LGBTQIA. ‘LGBTQIA is a short description of a range of identities to describe lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex, asexual. It’s ok to be whoever you want to be.’ You can see more of it here.

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