The abuse of Sex Money and Power in the C of E. Radical Inclusion played out in Derby Cathedral.

Nov 29, 2018 by

by Gavin Ashenden:

As Marie Antoinette will always be remembered for her phrase “Let them eat cake” Archbishop Justin Welby may be remembered for his call to transform the Church of England by ‘radical inclusion.”

It is embarrassing to question the motives of an archbishop, but under the spotlight his rallying call seems to have been motivated by either disingenuousness or what one might charitably try to call ‘lack of thought.’

Welby is the same generation as I am, and we were both well educated. Most boys of our generation were brought up reading Orwell’s Animal Farm, and Huxley’s Brave New World. We knew about ‘Newspeak.’ We were well aware of the dangers of a culture, or a highly politicised society to use one word for public consumption that actually meant another.

So Welby would have known (if he were honest) or should have known (if he had thought) that ‘inclusion’ for some means exclusion for others. In circumstances where an ethical issue is contested that must inevitably be the case.

Did Welby know that the proposed changes that his regime has been pushing were unacceptable to the whole of the rest of the body of Christ that kept faith with the straightforward reading and interpretation of the Bible? Of course he did. He is involved in a campaign to make sure that no one who disagrees with is progressive agenda is appointed to a senior position in the organisation.

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