The Anglican hierarchy should embrace the Saints, not sociologists

Aug 6, 2022 by

by Gavin Ashenden, Catholic Herald:

Every ten years, Anglican bishops from around the world convene for the Lambeth Conference. Having been twice postponed already, the conference is going ahead this month. Behind the scenes, the organisers have been trying very hard to avoid talking about sex, preferring to address climate change, war and poverty.

But the three Primates of Nigeria, Rwanda and Uganda, who represent 30 million believers, have boycotted the event, citing the ongoing division in the Anglican Communion over the sexuality. They insist that the hierarchy’s progressive stance is incompatible with the faith.

If an unaligned observer was to look at Anglicanism today, it would see two theological and culturally opposed parties. One embraces sexual heterodoxy, incoherent multi-orientated erotic identities in the name of human freedom and development, and prioritises sexual and romantic desire; but it makes no new Christians.

The other group sees itself as resisting the new anthropology. It takes a different view of desire, prioritising the longings of the soul over those of the body. It promotes sexual continence, self-sacrifice and traditional marriage for the co-creation of children. They are bringing people to Christ in increasingly large numbers.

The problem Anglicans have is that the progressives have all the power and the money. At the same time they are intellectually and emotionally constrained by a contempt for the traditionalists they have been unable to contain.

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