The anti-Christian heart of assisted suicide

Jan 24, 2020 by

by Paul Huxley, Christian Concern:

This week in parliament, assisted suicide has been raised, once again, with Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine securing a Westminster Hall debate on ‘The law on assisted dying’. Various attempts to liberalise the law on assisted suicide or euthanasia have been rejected by parliament over the past decade, but Thursday’s debate was the first opportunity to test the views of newly elected MPs.

To legalise assisted suicide would be dangerous, unnecessary and wrong. The evidence from other jurisdictions show that no matter the intention, no matter the ‘safeguards’, vulnerable people feel pressured into ending their lives prematurely and the option, initially meant for rare cases, becomes used in many more cases than intended.

If it’s so bad in these jurisdictions, why don’t they reverse the laws? Because their consciences have been dulled – just like ours since the Abortion Act was passed. In Belgium, euthanasia is available for a ‘serious and incurable disorder’ – which in practice has included ‘untreatable depression’ and the stress of a failed relationship. Even children can legally be euthanised with their parents’ consent.

Anyone aware of where legalised assisted suicide and euthanasia leads ought to oppose it. But Christians have even more reason to oppose assisted suicide – it’s totally contradictory to the faith.

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