The barbarians inside the gates

Jun 19, 2020 by

by Melanie Phillips:

For the past three decades, some of us have been warning that the inevitable outcome of what the universities have been pumping out under the misnomer of “education” would be what we are indeed seeing today – a shocking and violent onslaught against the core western and civilised values that they have so systematically undermined.

It was university-based dogma that abolished objectivity and replaced it by the authority of subjective feelings. All values became relative. No-one had the right to say that the way anyone lived, or the principles or characteristics of any culture, were better or worse than any other.

Truth became a matter of personal opinion. Abolishing objective truth opened the way to the hegemony of lies. Rationality was destroyed. As Allan Bloom observed in his mordant valedictory for civilisation, the western mind was being closed.

With factual reality having been eclipsed by moral and cultural relativism, identity politics told people they were whatever they chose to be at any one time. Biological sex was abolished. Disadvantage was transformed into entitlement. Mass fatherlessness, disordered sexuality and gender-identity child abuse were all redefined as human rights.

Victimhood was identified with powerlessness, itself defined by Marxist economic and political dogma. Dissent against all such group-think was to be stamped out. So conservative commentators, as well as liberals or even radicals who dissent from the permitted thinking, have been thrown off public platforms, denounced by their media colleagues and subjected to social and professional ostracism.

Now, as we’ve seen over the past couple of weeks, white society is being vilified by anti-white racists who viciously smear as a bigot anyone who objects. Western culture is being stripped of its historical memory, with the removal by violence or under intimidation of statues commemorating those whose behaviour in a different era doesn’t conform to the enforced orthodoxy of today.

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