The bastion of liberalism now paying the price for its tolerance

Apr 11, 2017 by

by Sue Reid, Mailonline:

When anti-terror police searched Stockholm for clues about terror suspect Rakhmat Akilov, they were pelted with stones by hostile gangs of youths.

Officers had entered the suburb of Tensta, home to thousands of migrants from Islamic countries and increasingly under the stranglehold of strict fundamentalism.

It is where Swedish women say they feel unsafe and, as in other migrant-filled suburbs, street posters showing female images are often torn down by patrolling groups of male Muslims who scrawl the word ‘whore’ over them.

This is the melting pot where Akilov is thought to have once lived and still had contacts, but the deep anger at the police’s arrival there will not have surprised officers.

Tragically, a liberal country renowned for its generosity for more than half a century to those seeking refuge from war, poverty or oppression is now paying the price for its tolerance.

For many migrants, such as Akilov, are not assimilating. Instead, they are forming a parallel society where the hatred of the police, the subjugation of women and the norms of a strict Islamic life are commonplace.

In Sweden, large numbers of asylum seekers are automatically given housing and benefits, yet many cannot work because they speak Swedish poorly and have only had rudimentary schooling.

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