The BBC is leading the charge in rewriting our culture to suit the ‘woke’ brigade

Nov 13, 2019 by

by Allison Pearson, Telegraph:

Everywhere you looked this week, culture was busy trying to correct the mistakes of the past. The new Broadway production of West Side Story has cut Maria’s song “I Feel Pretty“: the director explains he wants a rendition fit “for the 21st century”.

Because, as we know, young women of today have ceased caring about their appearance, no longer enjoy getting dressed up for a big night out and are wholly indifferent to their attractiveness to the opposite sex. If there is still such a thing as the opposite sex, that is. Last time I looked, we were up to seven genders but, hey, it’s still only Wednesday!

“I feel stunning and entrancing/Feel like running and dancing for joy,” a giddy Maria sang on the opening night of Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim’s musical in 1961. Her frothy, feelgood “I Feel Pretty” made the perfect counterpoint to the agonising poignancy of One Hand, One Heart. How quickly love can become loss and party frock a funeral shroud.

West Side Story was an instant classic because it set eternal truths about human nature to immortal melodies. The attitude of its latest director, Ivo van Hove, seems to be: “Nice try, guys! Now let the #MeToo generation show you how it’s done. Let’s start by ditching the sexist crap about girls wanting to be pretty.”

The same wilfully wrongheaded thinking dominates at the BBC. No period drama is safe any more from the drip-drip of politically correct views, regardless of how bizarre they appear in a historical context. We will have to wait till Sunday night to see whether the latest adaptation of HG Wells’s War of the Worlds is travesty or triumph. (As is now de rigueur, it has ignored the novel, put a woman and a gay guy centre stage and pushed aside the white straight men who were so annoyingly prevalent in Victorian England.) Its predecessor in that prime slot was a virtue-signalling dud.

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