The BBC tumbles further down the woke rabbit hole

Feb 26, 2021 by

from spiked:

The BBC has announced yet another diversity initiative.

Under new plans, the BBC wants 95 per cent of employees to complete unconscious-bias training by 2022. Staff will also be given an ‘inclusivity toolkit’ to help them deal with ‘non-inclusive behaviours’. And they will learn ‘how to embed inclusivity into our day-to-day work and management practices, including a framework for anti-racism’.

The new programme also reaffirms previously stated BBC diversity goals: the broadcaster wants to achieve a 50-50 gender split among employees over the next five years, as well as aiming for 20 per cent of staff to be BAME and for 12 per cent to be disabled.

Other targets include 80 per cent of staff declaring their socio-economic background to their employer. And, bizarrely, the initiative also aims for half of all ‘LGBTQ+’ staff to be ‘out’ at work – defined as ‘being open about your LGBTQ+ identity to your manager’.

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