The BBC’s defiance over trans teaching

Jan 29, 2021 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

LAST year, when I complained to the BBC about its promotion of gender ideology, particularly to schoolchildren via a particular ‘BBC Bitesize’ article, I got an insouciant denial – breathtaking in its speciousness – for my pains.  I wanted to know why BBC Bitesize would want to teach our kids that ‘Non-binary is an umbrella term for people who don’t fit comfortably into “male” or “female” categories.’

I wondered why BBC Bitesize would want to introduce school children to supposedly ‘modern’ pronouns: ‘These include: Ne (Ne/nem/nir) Ve (Ve/vis/vir) Ze (Ze/zem/zir). And a set of pronouns known as ‘spivak’ (ey, em, eir).’

And I’d shuddered to see the BBC giving these as examples of healthy conversation between schoolchildren: ‘I noticed you have “x-e” on your profile and I want to make sure I am pronouncing that right.’ ‘I heard you say you’re now using “ze/zir” pronouns and I want to make sure I’m using them correctly. Can you give me an example in a sentence?’

I wish I was making it up. You can see the full letter of response to me here.

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