The BBC’s problem is worse than “wokeish” bias

Oct 16, 2020 by

by Melanie Phillips:

When it comes to its approach to Israel, it incites baseless hatred.

In recent weeks, there have been indications that the British government intends to try to bring the BBC to heel.

The prime minister, Boris Johnson, is responding to public irritation with what is seen as the BBC’s left-wing group-think over a range of issues ranging from Brexit to Black Lives Matter and from conservatism to Greta Thunberg.

He believes that the BBC no longer reflects the lives and attitudes of ordinary people in “middle Britain,” but amplifies instead the “wokeish” world-view of the intellectual and administrative classes. I regularly appear on the BBC, but only as the representative of a conservative viewpoint to provide what producers consider to be “balance.” But the left-wing mindset is so pervasive it overwhelms any such voices.

Now the prime minister reportedly intends to install as the BBC’s chairman someone who is prepared to challenge its embedded leftism.

If it’s doubtful whether this as yet unknown individual will have any degree of success, it’s vanishingly unlikely that it will change the BBC’s appalling treatment of Israel.

For years, it has presented Israel in the most distorted way, portraying it falsely as the rogue state in the region while downplaying or ignoring the attacks on Israelis and the incitement and antisemitism that are daily features of Palestinian Arab life.

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