The C of E has fallen for anti-Christian theories of race

Apr 30, 2021 by

by Michael Nazir-Ali, Spectator:

In its new report, From Lament to Action, the Church of England has decided to focus on race. Now, there is no question that racism exists within all cultures, but the Judaeo-Christian tradition has always been opposed to it. Christianity emphasises the common origin of all humans, made in God’s image, and contemporary science corroborates this moral and spiritual insight. The Church is right to set its face against racism.

Predictably, however, the C of E report urges an audit of monuments and an examination of the Church’s complicity in the slave trade. Why doesn’t it celebrate the long tradition of those Christians who devoted their lives to abolition?

[…]  Critical race theory (CRT), which the C of E seems to have embraced, conflates slavery and the slave trade with colonialism and the British empire. They are not the same. There are some empires that are wholly bad but the British empire was a mix. There were adventurers and exploiters but also high-minded civil servants and soldiers who did lasting good.

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