The church must not be silent on the vaccine debates

Jan 15, 2022 by

by Kevin Freeman, Christian Post:

I discovered last week that my local county’s executive council is considering whether to mandate proof of vaccination for entry into most public areas. This action has been noted in New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. While it is not surprising to learn this mandate is on the table, it came faster than expected. As a Christian and pastor, I found it important to crystallize my thoughts about the Church’s role in the vaccine debates. While the Church has largely waited to see how all things pandemic would play out, it is time for her to find her voice on matters settled within Christianity long ago.

As a people whose faith is in Christ — the One who calls Jew and Greek, slave and free, male and female, circumcised and uncircumcised, and whose initial disciples included both the tax collector and the zealot — Christians find in Jesus a template for accepting all comers to the body of Christ. Further, we also find in our faith tradition a rich pattern of advocacy for the rights of those outside the Church. Promoting right-to-life issues has characterized Christianity since its infancy.

Our heritage finds believers adopting the abandoned, championing the abolition of slavery, and defending the unborn. Now we find ourselves in a society where “vaccination status” threatens the exclusion of neighbors, friends, and family from basic areas of public access. The Church finds itself in the position to champion the rights of those who would be ostracized in a world driven by fear rather than faith. A strong, faith-filled response by the Church in this watershed moment will determine her credibility and standing in the years to come.

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