The Church of England: A Grand Operatic Death

Nov 23, 2021 by

By David W Virtue, Virtueonline:

“Our vision and strategy is a vision and strategy for growth. It is not about managing decline gracefully. We want the Church of England to grow and even if it doesn’t — then let our death be a grand operatic death, let it be fantastic and let’s not crawl in a corner.” — Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York

First comes the vision, then reality hits, and then comes the final blow…”let our death be a grand operatic death.”

The Church of England wants to go out in a blaze of glory, unlike a Guy Fawkes skyrocket that briefly bursts and then flames out as it hits the Thames River. A grand operatic death is what the Archbishop of York wants. That’s what he told the Church of England Synod recently.

The question is, will the CofE even have that option?

The CofE is fast fading into the night as it becomes more woke over homosexuality. It excoriates and isolates its traditional and evangelical wings and hopes that by accommodating to the culture, it will bear spiritual fruit. In a population of 66 million, less than three quarters of a million people attend a local parish. most of the parishes have aging and dying congregants.

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